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The icons in this set were extracted from my illustrations for the 11th book in our Lebanese Heritage series, Verre et Verriers. The book covers the history of glass from the earliest we know of its invention to the rise of Venice as a centre of glassmaking, at which point our region (the Levant) ceases to be of significance in its development.

I had no idea I had drawn quite so much glass, but there you have it, 47 icons spanning, from top to bottom: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Phoenicia, Roman Phoenicia, Byzantium, various Islamic dynasties, and finally Venice. They were not created with an icon set in mind, so they are not as consistent as a set ought to be, but they're a nice accompaniement to the book (which I highly recommend – an English version is in preparation). Enjoy!

More icons in the Downloads section of my website.

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Legal stuff: This set may NOT be used, in part or its entirety, for anything other than their intended private use, i.e on your own personal computer. They can be redistributed by using the .zip file in its integrity, exactly as downloaded, but I would appreciate being notified beforehand.

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