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I blame this one on Lariam.
Who's that, you may ask? Lariam is the anti-malaria medication I take when I go to those places where it can't be avoided. The thing with Lariam is that it's a bit of a Russian roulette: you can't know how and when it's going to affect you. With me, the pattern is clear by now: from the 10th day or so, I can no longer sleep. It takes me half the night to drift away and then I'm up again at 3 am. This makes for very long hours to kill when you're traveling alone and waiting (for sunrise, for the bus, for the plane) makes up half your trip. So, on the one hand I take a crosswords book with me, on the other a sketchbook. And one long night, I started sketching an icon set inspired from what I was seeing around me. I sketched it all in Ethiopia, and inked it all on the spot as well, on a cheap school sketchbook with the very unsuitable gel pen I was using to write in my journal. The result is quite rough, at least on a larger scale, but I didn't clean it up or redo it: take it as part of the story of this set!

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Legal stuff: This set may NOT be used, in part or its entirety, for anything other than their intended private use, i.e on your own personal computer. They can be redistributed by using the .zip file in its integrity, exactly as downloaded, but I would appreciate being notified beforehand.