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It's been over 4 years since the popular icon set Mini Fu, version 1, was released, and it was about time the li'l guys made a comeback – and what a comeback. Enjoy the sleeker, bigger, more detailed new look, and the slew of new postures in both Wushu and Taiji Quan: 60 icons in all! Better yet, they are already available on t-shirts and other fun products in my shop Scattered Seeds, and I am open to customisation requests.

This series doesn't even begin to represent the richness of movement, styles and weapons found in Chinese martial arts. My selection is drawn from my own experience, and aside from a few I'm not very sure about, they are labelled with the correct technical term. Many, especially with long weapons, could not be made into computer icons due to their proportions, but you will find them in the shop or see them popping around in other applications.

I threw in some colour coding, based on performance outfits seen in competitions:

Red: General Wushu, Changquan (Northern style)

Black: Nanquan (Southern style)

Purple: Daoshu (broad sword)

Orange: Gunshu (staff) and Nan Gun (Southern staff)

White: Yang style Taiji Quan

Blue: Chen style Taiji Quan

I hope you enjoy this new release and would love to hear from you if you do!

Mini Fu Reloaded © Joumana Medle, January 2007

Legal stuff: This set may NOT be used, in part or its entirety, for anything other than their intended private use, i.e on your own personal computer. They can be redistributed by using the .zip file in its integrity, exactly as downloaded, but I would appreciate being notified beforehand.