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Being a practitioner of a few styles of Wushu and TaijiQuan since 2001, I fell in love with Avatar: The Last Airbender in the geekiest possible way. Now, with the movie to look forward to, the inevitable finally happened: I had to make my own, MiniFu-style Avatar computer icons. ATLA is such a rich series with countless characters, each with his or her own growth, not to mention the whole repertoire of martial arts moves, this set could have been much larger – but I stopped at 42 icons, an auspicious number for TJQ practitioners and Douglas Adams fans alike ;)

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You may use the icons in this set in the following ways:
- To customize your OS;
- As avatars on Twitter, dA, msn etc, in which case it would be VERY MUCH appreciated that you mention, somewhere, "AvatarMini icon by Joumana Medlej" with a link to

You may NOT use the icons on your website, or redistribute the icons separately. If you want to send the set to a friend, send the original downloaded folder complete with Read Me file. Please do not upload it to another disrtibution site without asking me first.

Avatar: The Last Airbender characters and logos are the property and © of Nickelodeon.
"MiniFu" icon style is © Joumana Medlej, Visit my Downloads page for more icons.

Happy bending!