A scuba diving trip to Barbados cannot leave one unmarked. I took such a trip in May 2003 and have been OBSESSED with tropical fish and other sea creatures ever since. These icons were created before I travelled, for a whole other purpose, but I couldn't rest till I had shrunk them and made them into an icon set.

It's different from my other sets in that it is entirely illustrator-made (the rest are drawn by hand), and that even the smallest size is not a cropping, but a modified version of the bigger sizes. They are also meant to be used on a dark background to keep all their splendor. Use the included desktop folder, or color your window a rich blue for the best results.

Many thanks to GFXman for converting the OSX icons to XP.

My last piece of advice would be: GET INTO DIVING!

Caribbean Dreams set © Joumana Medlej, July 2003